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The Outer Banks of North Carolina
Jamestown, Virginia.
May 7 - 16, 2006

A rich history of the United States from the earliest colonists to the "Fathers of Flight" are all within a short distance.  All on the Eastern Seaboard.  I found it all quite fascinating.   I have included maps of the area to make the 'TRIP' more enjoyable.


Tule Lake Region
Klamath Falls and Tule Lake
Sept 2-4, 2005

This area is rich in natural history as well as American history.  This was our first visit to this part of California and we found it greatly rewarding.  We visited with a high school classmate, Richard and his wife, and had a very relaxing drive around the northern part of the state.

Iwo Jima Memorial looking over the Nations Capital.
Washington DC
April 2005

It has been almost 10 years since I toured the nations capital, so when the opportunity arose, I knew it was something that Gloria wanted to do.  We visited with a few old friends, and saw some very interesting sights.

Some of the beauty found in the Texas Hills
The Texas Hill Country. 
Oct 14-18, 2004

West of Austin, and around the Colorado River, including Lake LBJ, is a wonderful part of Texas.  Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush, punctuated by live oaks and yucca, dominate the profusion of wildflowers beside Texas Highway 71 between Marble Falls and Llano.  Check out the Texas Capital and the Long Horn Cave.

A very rare sighting these days, but they were gracious enough to let us take their photo.
May 2 thru May 12, 2004

A lot has changed since I was there 40+ years ago.  But the people are still as friendly and hospitable as I recall. 

Join us on our trip thru the ruins of the ancient world, and some of the sites around modern day Istanbul.

The United States and Canadian Border
Vancouver, Canada
June 2003

This was a vacation were we drove up there as fast as we could, and then took our time the rest of the trip, consequently it was a very relaxing vacation.  But most of all we got to see places we had never seen before and that was what made it such a fantastic trip. 

Hope you enjoy some of our memories.

Montana Sky
May 2003
   We really didn't know what to expect, except cold weather.  It was cool and crisp, but the air was clean, and the company was great. 
   We put over 500 miles on the auto during our few day stay in the Flat Head Lake and Glacier National Park areas. 
   Hope you enjoy these photos, as much as we enjoyed the trip.

The Spruce Goose is not spruce

The Spruce Goose
Evergreen Aviation Museum,
McMinnville, Oregon

January 2003    

While in Oregon we took a little side trip to visit the new 121,000 square foot facility, which features the famous Hughes Flying Boat ("Spruce Goose").   This has only been open a short time, but it is an excellent museum.  Enjoyed the visit.

To visit their website, click here...

mikes Jeep

Jeep Jamboree USA

Going to the east side of the Sierras most people think of Nevada, but there is still some California over there.  Towns like Lee Vining, and  Bridgeport, ghost towns like Bodie, as well as Mono Lake to name a few places.  It is just such a place that we spent a few days with a fantastic group of enthusiasts.  Driving where there was only dirt, rain, wind, fog, snow, and a few minutes of sun.

Don't miss the photos of Bodie, or click here.

Waves breaking on the rocks

Jan 2002

This is along the Pacific Ocean north of San Francisco on the California Coast.   I was there for a getaway weekend in January, and as luck would have it the weather was beautiful.

This little coastal town was made famous by a 1963 Alfred Hitchock movie.

USS Lexington (CV16)

Corpus Christi, Texas
October 2001

During our little gathering to the Bates Motel on Mustang Island, I took an afternoon off and toured this aircraft carrier.  It was quite interesting, educational, and enjoyable.

Donna's Retreat
Sept 2001

She opened her house to Judy and I, and showed us how she escapes the pressures of life, in a setting that is totally "atmosphere".

Signpost for the old hacienda on Rancho San Julian Casa de San Julian - Anita's home.

This is along Hwy 1 near Vandenburg AFB.  We were privileged to be able to visit and spend a night there in the spring of 1999.  Come on in, and see what the CASA has to offer. 

Rome Fountain Italy, March 2000.  Read about our adventure and see a few of the pictures that we took.



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The airplane was made to assist with the war effort during WWII.  The war ended prior to the completion of the plane and it only flew once.


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