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Room Addition

Original Room Plan


Completed Project

The entire house was given a new color coat of stucco so there is no distinction between the old and the new.


The north side.

The addition on the south side.

Note the new aid conditioner system, sky light on the roof, and new concrete step under French Door.

The double paned vinyl French Door with etching in the glass.

The new master bedroom.  Note: The closet door is a pocket door, so it is hidden; the recessed florescent lights in the ceiling; the sconces on the 4 walls are on a dimmer switch; and the oak wood trim everywhere.  After this picture was taken, oak crown molding was installed.

The 17 X 6 ft. closet.  The cedar planking is being placed on the walls by Gloria.  Modular shelves are being installed as money permits.

The hallway looking from the closet down past the bath, and into the old part of the house.
The 6' X 5' shower.  The back 2 walls are done in granite, and the front in glass block.  There is no door on the shower.
There are 2 blue lights to help bring out the blue in the geodes in the granite.  Note the above sky light.

The inside of the shower.  Two headed; one at 6' the other at 7, with color coordinated tile floor.

House30.jpg (31834 bytes)

The sink area.  It also has the same granite top, and matching tile as is on the floor, with the mirrors trimmed in blue trim tile.
House31.jpg (31345 bytes)

An opposite view of the sinks with the linen closet on the left.  The same man that did the kitchen cabinets years ago also did the bathroom's to be consistent throughout the house.

Looking down the bath area, with the trim around the toilet room, and the men's room at the far end.  The diamonds in the floor are the same granite as the walls.   The tile on the floor is a Spanish tile with a slight raised pattern.

The toilet room.  Gloria wanted to have an extension to her phone, so why not??

There is also a built in magazine rack behind the door.  She wants to put some design tile on the wall above the toilet, so will work on that in the near future. 

Notice the round light over the toilet, which will be explained in a moment.

The Men's Room.  Nothing but equality!...  I first saw a urinal in a house over 20 years ago and wanted one ever since.  So I included it in the original plans.  Gloria thought I was crazy, but if you do the work yourself, why not?


Notice the round light.  That is a blue night light with the switch in the bedroom.  There is one in both rooms.

House32.jpg (31573 bytes)

This is a closer look at the border trim and the license plates.  If anyone has any old license plates they would like to send, I will put them up. 

This got started because the border wall paper has license plates on it.

Copy of the original plan
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