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Room Addition

Original Room Plan


Middle Construction

Bedroom looking at closet door.

Mike has the electric wire  pulled through all the boxes.

Bedroom looking toward existing house, down the hall, and out the French Door.
Bathroom, looking in from French door. 

Note the shower area, 2 white faucets on the left wall and drain in floor.  Then toilet room beyond that.  Sinks on the right.


Bob assisting in putting up the shower vent system.

The lights are recessed mini lights.  The new heating & air conditioning ducts are already in.

The exterior gets wrapped for the beginning of the stucco.

Mike has put in the windows and sub floor air vents.   The fascia board is on the two foot overhang on the roof.

Mike has about half of the roof shakes nailed down.  The first coat of stucco has been applied.

Look at all the shakes left to go...

Gloria is spraying primer up under the eves, on her shirt, as well as her pants.
Mike has the insulation all in.

R11 on the walls and R33 in the ceiling.

The insulation that is exposed is where the recessed lights will go.

Copy of the original plan
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After all Stucco was completed
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