August 3-5, 2001

The Monteleone Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the U.S.  The lobby and entrance are beautifully done and does remind one of by-gone-days.  The hotel is on Rue Royale where all the antique and art galleries reside, and one block off Bourbon Street, so getting around on foot was not problem.  Driving is not recommended. 

The Hospitality suite that Lance reserved for our gatherings was on the 15th floor which lent itself to a pretty good view of the city of New Orleans' French Quarter.


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Blu, Pattie, and Steve Kathy, Pat, and Pattie (before there was 'fallout')
Tori, Steve, Linda, and Bill Dave, Kaye, Bill, and Judy
Kaye, Brad, and Judy, with new glasses and hat (picture provided by Judy)) Mike (picture provided by Judy)
Lance, Bill, Kathy, and Brad (picture provided by Judy) Bill and Julie (picture provided by Judy)
Kathy and Linda Beautiful Linda

What da ya think?

I don't know, what da you think?

When they made the song 'The most beautiful Girl in the World' they used Kaye as the model BRAD, Mr. Generous.  There is no end to his generousity
A few other photo, from around town...
Dave and Linda under a live oak out at the plantation. There are many works of art with the fish depicting a scene or place around town.  This happens to be in front of the police station.
Mike and the hitching rail. Mike trying on some Marti Graus apparel, standing with an alligator friend (picture provided by Judy)
Mike and Mike.  I know it is hard to tell us apart...  Ahhh we had a good time...
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