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New Orleans

Aug 2001

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Bill and Lance

The Hospitality Room

For those that had to opportunity to visit New Orleans this year, it was a great experience, with a couple of unexpected surprises.  1st the class of 64 was the best represented with about a dozen soles, and 2nd, our long lost Student Body President ('64) Bill was found (alive no less), and showed up with his lovely wife.

When it was time to gather, what better place then the Hospitality room.  Lance did a fine job of giving us a place to gather and none of the neighbors seemed to mind the late night antics.  Enjoy some of the pictures.

Linda and Friend.  He must have had to much to eat, cause he looks stuffed.


The food had to be the highlight of the trip, next to visiting with old friends.  In the 4 days that I was there I did not have a bad meal.  Some were not as good as others, but how can you compare a PoBoy to a fresh Lobster? 

Along with the food came the companionship.  Who cared that it took over 2 hours to have dinner.  This was FAMILY, and there was a lot of talking and re-aquatinting to do.

Had to have grits for breakfast, and gumbo and jumbolia with either lunch or dinner.  Sea food was the main course for every dinner, even if it was a shrimp PoBoy. 

Here Linda is being escorted to her table for breakfast.