Tule Lake Map

Tule Lake

Sept 2-4, 2005

As can be seen on the map, this is right on the California - Oregon border with Klamath Falls being the largest city in the area, until you head west to Ashland.  We were pleasantly surprised with the area, not knowing what would be found when we headed to Klamath Falls.  It was fairly close in driving time and a most enjoyable and relaxing trip.  Mainly because there were not the crowds that one normally finds in California on Labor Day Weekend. 

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The memorial marker along Hwy 139, looking north. This area has a dark cloud over it, no fault of the people or the area, as it is the infamous place of the the Japanese internment camp during W.W.II. 
Ancient Peoples carvings. Petroglyphs along the side of one of the hills.   This is part of the Lava Beds National Park, only removed by about 20 miles.   On the map above, it is the little spot of green along Hwy 139 south of town of Tulelake.


This could have been one of the 'chimneys'.

Lava Beds National Park

This is a very interesting place as it not only has natural history of the mountains arupting 11000  years ago, but of the Modoc Indian wars of the late 1800's.

from the 63 year bookFrom the 64 year book.

Richard Ford '64

A class mate of mine, now living in Klamath Falls, along with his wife, Caroline, were gracious hosts during our short visit to the area.