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Room Addition

Where there is no vision, the people perish.
Proverbs 29:18...
Original Addition Plan (the dream)
It was always my vision to add a room that we could be proud of.  I remodeled the house between 1993 & 1995, but knew a master bedroom would make this a show place.


hammr3.gif (252 bytes)     March thru Sept 2000    hammr3.gif (252 bytes)

Beginning Construction

Foundation completed and Mike putting down the girders after doing the risers and mud sill.

It is 36 feet long, and 17 feet wide.  Those dementions were used because that is how long the concrete was in the back, and how far it was to the edge of the house.  Seemed logical at the time...

Putting in the Floor Joists.

Had some challenges with the City's building inspectors, but they showed me the error of my ways, and made me correct everything.   ha...

Floor Joists completed, rough Plumbing in, and floor insulation completed.
Floor glued and nailed into place.  Plumbing easier to see.

Plywood is 1 1/8" T & G.

Have picture of Gloria doing a little dance on the smooth plywood floor.

Two outside walls up.  Had to get 6 neighbors to help me lift them into place. 

Have removed the old stucco and part of the roof off the old section of the house.  That window will eventually become a closet doorway.

All the walls are up and plumbed.  Mike is nailing the exterior sheathing.
Exterior sheathing is up, and now putting up the trusses.

This is where Mike smashed his thumb.  He eventually lost that nail.

The roof sheathed. 

This is where one of the pieced of wood slid off the roof and landed on Mike's toes.  He had black toes for a few weeks.  He eventually lost a toe nail. 

Copy of the original plan
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After all Stucco was completed
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