Turkish Flag
Depoe Bay
Oregon Coast
January 2003

Trust me, the only sun we saw was in the photo below


The Oregon weather was just what we expected.  WET.   But as Jim was so quick to point out, you have two choices, either damp or wet.   We had a little of both, and it wasn't all that bad.  But we didn't go there for the weather, but for the laughter, friendship, and to see people that have been missing for over 30 years.  There was never a lack for friendship, laughter, food, and of course what we have been known for: booze.   And so, it began again.  And may it never end. 
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The only break in the rain, but this make it worth the wait.

Around the Resort

The Surfrider was nice, but we were there to hang with our friends.  And when not in the cabin visiting and making the gap in the last 30 years a little smaller, we were out seeing the sights of the area, shopping, going to the Aquarium, or just eating. Oh, yes, and some drinking champaign.

See the good time that was had by all.

Preparing to invade Jim's

The Party's @ Jim's

Remember in Ankara when the movie was over we would stand outside attempting to find where the party was?  Well on Saturday night it was at Jim's.  So what do Ankaraites do?

Why we headed for Jim's!!  Check out what a good host and hostess he and Francis were.

 So enjoy the pictures of joviality.

Its only flight.
The Spruce Goose
Evergreen Aviation Museum,
McMinnville, Oregon

While in Oregon we took a little side trip to visit the new 121,000 square foot facility which features the famous Hughes Flying Boat ("Spruce Goose").   This has only been open a short time, but it is an excellent museum.  Enjoyed the visit.

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