Hanging out around

Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast

some days the rain wins, but the party never ends

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Getting reacquainted - Gloria, Kathy, and Vickie Breakfast at Otis.  Only 2 building there, the diner, and the post office. But food is GREAT..
Reminiscing, Judy and Gregor Brad, Judy, Mike, and Gregor
Its raining out so Brad thought he would dress in shorts, as Lyn tells he and Will a story. Jim, 'Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit.'
Brad showing Suzi and Judy what a Hunk he was 30+ years ago. Gloria, Jim, and Francis looking at a year book, while Anita looks to the future.
Suzi's wondering if Brad can squeeze her in with Lyn and Kathy, as Ray ignores them all. At the dinner table, Kathy and Vickie converse over Gregor.
Gloria wondering where the food is, while Brad and Suzi have not made up their minds yet. Lyn with her clam chowder as Ray and Anita look on.
Will providing the music as Kathy, Suzi, and Brad sing along.  What are those things on Kathy's hands? Jim looks like he is pretty mellow by now, as Francis and Kathleen talk about their significant others.
Tim must have been the center of that joke as he is the only one that has a red face (and head) while most of the other are laughing. Gregor and Will get the sing-along going in full gear.
Anita is telling Brad that he really needs to get more rest. Doug, Anita, and Vicki listen as Kathy talks about her favorite paper napkins.