The Party's at Jim's

Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast

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Vickie, Bob's wife, Bob, Gregor, and Tim, with Lyn hiding. These 2 photos are opposites of each other, one from the balcony looking down, the other from the living room  looking up.  A very beautiful home. 

I am not sure that everyone left Oregon, there might still be a couple of folks hiding in the house.

Judy taking in the beauty of the house, as well as looking out at the Oregon coast.
The Gormet' chef's, lead by our hostess Francis, Kathy, and Anita. Tim, Kathleen, Bob, Vickie, and Lyn discussing the past 30+ years.
The Chef and the Supervisors, Tim, Gregor, Doug, Jim and Lyn. Kathy and Kathleen
Anita and Francis in the kitchen.  A great Middle Eastern meal. Anita and Doug share a moment, while Brad, Kathleen and Tim spent the quality time that the small groups are all about.
Judy and Francis. Will and Gregor tuning up for another evening of song.
Bob, Lyn, Ray, Brad, Francis, and Jim.

Lyn explaining the rules of her favorite game:

"Drink and Dial"

Who were the lucky winners?

Betty and Rich.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Bennie wasn't home.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you
the Ankara Reunion, Oregon Coast 2003!!!
back: Doug, Anita, Lyn, Gregor, Judy, Brad, Jim, and Kathy.
front: Mike, Vickie, Tim, Suzi, Will, Bob, and Ray.