Donna the Salmon Mother

Donna's  Atmosphere

taken from 65 Citadel

The following 4 pictures are almost a panorama taken out the back door.

This is looking to the left.  Behind the trees from center to right is the babbling brook, creek, or stream, depending on the time of year.  In Sept. it wasn't much more than a trickle.  The fish hatching devise is behind the pine tree in the center.

Donna and her sons have done all the landscaping, and it is fabulous.

This is looking directly out the back sliding door, and of course the water is behind the trees.

The next picture and this one overlay, using the edge of the bench for alignment.

Looking slightly to the right.  Now you can see the dark line running the length at the center of the picture that is the major waterway.  If memory serves me right that is a small bridge that is crossing the creek.

Donna and her sons did a fantastic job, and her oldest son, a senior this year, can name the trees, grasses, flowers, and other wildlife in the area.  A really great kid.

Looking right, this is the road to the barn, and the garden area.   About an acre has been gardened, with all types of fruit trees, grapes and vegetables.  We saw the before pictures to help us appreciate the amount of work that was done to turn this into a peaceful atmospheric setting.

Donna Sept 2001

During the afternoon and evening we talked of old times and events, the various reunions, her kids, our kids, old friends and classmates, and the most interesting life that the fascinating Ms. D lives.

Donna Sept 2001

Judy and Donna

Donna and her eldest son

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