Turkish Flag

Ankara High School Reunion

Dallas 2000

Mike 64




A few pictures of getting reaquainted.
Karen and Kaye Anita, Maxine, and Carolyn

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BAD BOYS, Larry and Dee Susan, Kaye, and Gloria
Bennie, Merri, and Rich Lady Viles, Ray, and Rich
Linda, Mike, and Gloria Bill and Gary
Jill (Webmistress for A.R.) The Saturday Night Party.
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SATURDAY NIGHT, and the CLASS of 64.



A few Pictures Around Dallas

The cattle herd outside the Dallas Convention Center...
The Dallas Castle.  Used to be the City Hall around the turn of the century.  Even has gargoyles on the top.

The Book Depository.  There is now a Kennedy museum on the 6th floor.
The Kennedy Memorial.  It sits right behind the Castle.