Turkish Flag
Corpus Christi
Mustang Island
Port Aransas

Beachgate Motel, Port Aransas, TX


The Turkish Flag was hanging in the living room, the America Flag was on the roof Gazibo, and the gathering in Port Aransas started.   There was never a lack for friendship, laughter, food, and of course what we have been known for: booze.   And so, it all began.  And may it never end.                           click on picture to go there


The Sites

The Beachgate just completed remodeling this house into a series of private suites.  And we had the whole building.  With the widow walk and enclosed porch it was great for watching what was going on in the Gulf of Mexico. 

See some of the other sights around Port "A".

Vicki and Merri

The Friendships

Why is it that we can meet, laugh, and share after over 30 years?   Because we were friends so long ago, and it has just grown over the years, no matter where, or when.  Time and Space have no meaning.  I would not want to be with any other group of people.  All that is missing is you.

So enjoy the pictures of joviality.

The Fishing Crew

The Fishermen (and women)

It was decided that since we were so near the ocean, what would a trip like this be without getting in some good fishing.  One or two had to fight off the prior days imbibing, but everyone had a good time.  Remember the fishing is always great, the catching sometimes leaves a little to be desired.

These pictures are courtesy of Judy.

Birds enjoying the sunset


There are many signs on the island that state "this spot is good for bird viewing".   Judy is quite a knowledgeable birder (bird person).  She even knows the correct name for a Mud Hen.  I was impressed.  I went along with her and was even more impressed with the birds.  And although I enjoyed the birds, I have to admit that after I saw the sign "don't feed the alligators", my eyes were not always on the birds.  But it was an enjoyable adventure, and we made it out alive.

These pictures are courtesy of Judy.

USS Lexington (CV16)
Corpus Christi, Texas

During our little gathering to the Bates Motel on Mustang Island, I took an afternoon off and toured this aircraft carrier.  It was quite interesting, educational, and enjoyable.