Sights around
Port Aransas
Mustang Island

The cabin containing the hospitality area and a bunch of rooms, just up the hill from the motel.

Port Aransas is a town on the coastal island of Mustang Island.  This is about 30 miles from Corpus Christi.  There is a lot to see and do in this vacation land, and in a couple of days we tried to do them all; from fishing, to swimming, to walking the beach, to riding the golf cars, to bird watching, to hitting the restaurants.  But no matter what, we always have a good time...

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The Bates Motel sign, a gift from Rich's wife
Mike in the hot rod golf cart.
Anita and Don in their hot rod golf cart. Don waiting for his passenger.
Monarch flutter-by's resting for the evening outside our building another angle of the flutter-by's
the beach road.  check it, it's on the maps. the beach, ocean, oil rig, and egrit.
Downtown Corpus Christi The bridge out to the islands and points south.  These 2 pictures could almost be a panorama.
Pelican more pelicans
Shrimp boat coming in.  Looked for Forest Gump but didn't see him. Please use the BACK button to return