The Mountain Top is where Bruce built his house.  The house overlooks many other hills and valleys and the view is breathtaking.

This painting, and many others that adorn their house, were painted by both Bruce and Linda's mothers.


Of course, all that have been to Southern Turkey, know what this pictures is and know that it is a good painting.


Thank you Bruce and Linda.



The Living Room The computer, drum, and dance room
The master bath The master bedroom
Butch cooked all day preparing our great dinner Kathy, Vanessa, and Judy
Blu, Pam and others Dana, Anita, Jim, and Francis
Bill, Bruce, John, and Jim Blu, Bud, and Linda
Bruce and Vanessa Checking out the old pictures: Brad, Jack, Pam, Judy, Carolyn, and Pam
Carolyn and Pam Kathy, Vanessa, Mike, and Bruce
Everyone out back waiting for dinner
Blu, Kathy, and Mike Dinner is served
Master Chef: Butch Salad, fruits, Turkish food, and Turkish Desert
Rich, Anita, Wayne, Dana, Pam, and Bruce Jim
Reading our history Lively after dinner conversation
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