The Cabin is where we all met on Thursday, after visiting our hosts, and the last morning we were all together.  There was much laughter, happiness, hugs, kisses, oh yea, and BOOZE!!!

The forest had these critters, along a few others, and although there was much talk about a different type meat for dinner, all of them are thrilling the next set of guests.


Bruce and some backs Kathy and Blu
Kathy, Pam, Rich, Ray, and I think Lyn's back Carolyn and John
Brad, Bruce, Francis, Jim, and Pam Ray, Lyn, Jim and Francis
Ray, Brad, Anita, Carolyn, and Jim The GANG at chow time
Jim, Vickie, Rich, and Ray Ray, Rich, Linda, Vanessa, and Butch
Judy and Linda Vickie and a pair of Pam's
Fredd, Linda, Greggor, Bill, and Ray
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