The Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes I have seen, with the green trees surrounding the clear water, and blue skies over head.  This is where Brad escapes after a hard day in Atlanta, to unwind and watch the sun set over the water.  We had the privilege of sharing that moment with him and it is remarkable.

It was such a great way to show how much Brad enjoys his home and the water that it sits by giving us an excursion around the lake to some of his favorite places. 

Thank You Brad!!!


Dana and Stan The Water Babies
Pam in her radiant Glory Vickie in her Cold Tee Shirt
Jim, Pam, and Judy Melody, Fredd, Jack, and Anita
Christie, Ray, Anita, and Rich Lunch is served
Brad enjoying his roll as host
Bill, Jim, and Blu Jim, Francis, Anita, and Pam
Brad enjoying his roll as Capt.
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