Anita's Rural Setting

In May 1999 Gloria and I were invited to spend the weekend at the Casa, along with a few other Ankara folks.  With her permission, these are a few of the pictures that I took while there.  Without a doubt, one of the most peaceful places on Earth.

I will not go into the history of the Casa, as that is part of her story, but this is one remarkable and fantastic lady, with a heart as big as the estate.

The entrance to Rancho San Julian. 
This is the front or west face of the Casa.  It is "U" shaped with the oldest building originally built about 1827, the middle section about 1848, and the main wing around 1875.  There is a fountain in the center of the court yard. 

I am standing on the original Hwy 1, which ran in front of the house, and now is a road on the property that goes down to Anita's house and other out buildings.

Harry ('65), his sister, and Gloria in front of the Casa.   There are books throughout the house, and in the oldest section, we spent over an hour just going through bookcases and looking at some of the old and well read books.   I distinctly remember one by Mark Twain, first edition.
After a great meal, Anita encouraged some of us to take a walk up the hills behind the house.  We went looking for the water tank, which we never did locate, although we walked right by it.  You could see forever from the top of the hills.  We really fell in love with the area.
The Casa from the hill behind it.  Basically these two pictures are just opposites.

Hwy 1 runs through the middle of the valley. 

This is a working ranch, where they raise cattle, both certified organic and regular.  Much of the flat land is under agriculture.

Gloria is a city girl, and didn't want to get too close to the animals.  

Anita playing a small hammer dulcimer.  She is such a great hostess, we really enjoyed ourselves there.  During this little jam session, we listened to her, and we also had a little sing along.
This is the bedroom we were privileged to stayed in.  It was Anita's great Grandmother's room.  All the furniture is original. 

The bathroom was across the hall.  The fire places in the Casa have been blocked off and the heating system turned off, to prevent fire. 

Every thing in the room was as it was when the family lived here.   We just loved all the furniture as it felt like a living museum.  Of course, when the furniture was purchased, it wasn't an antique then.
Here is Anita and one of her friends from the Bay Area, in her back yard.  This is behind her house, also over 100 years old, which is down the road from the Casa. 

Now you can see why she is always talking about the wildlife coming right up to the porch, and she can get such great pictures and descriptions of them.


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