Turkish Flag
Nags Head,
The Outer Banks,
North Carolina

May 7-14, 2006

NC flag


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This gathering of the clan was our grandest outing to date.  The time was a week, the house was huge with 13 bedrooms, and the Outer Banks goes on forever giving us plenty to do.  But take a minute to view the house before THE GANG arrives.


This gathering was spread over 7 days, so people were coming and going as their schedules would allow.  During the day it was sight seeing or relaxing as the mood moved you.  But meal times were a real treat as we had our own Southern Belle doing the cooking.  We all looked forward to her meals.   But take a look at what we did when we weren't eating.  

It is always a joy and an inner peace when spend the time with family.  Even the newest attendees felt it is was old home week and are ancious to join the festivities next time.

The Gang

At one point during our drive north on the Outer Banks we ran out of road, and you drive on the sand.  There are even houses build on this sand without roads, as well as wild mustangs roaming around.  And there is always the stuck vehicle.

Historical and Other Landmarks
around the Outer Banks of North Carolina
Jamestown, Virginia.

A rich history of the United States from the earliest colonists to the "Fathers of Flight" are all within a short distance, the Eastern Seaboard.  I found it all quite fascinating.   I have included maps of the area to make the 'TRIP' more enjoyable.

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