Congress Washington DC

April 2005

Wash DC Flag

A little gathering in the nations capital.  It was cool, cloudy, and wet, but that did not stop anyone from going out and seeing the sights.   Nor did it stop the locals, including some that were "just found" from joining in on the party.

Friday evening, with everyone sitting around waiting for someone to make a decision as to where to eat.  Everyone is too tired after a long day of walking to even think.
Bob and Janice at a quiet time. Mike, Susan, and Gloria listening to Bob's tales.
Benny, Lyn, Kathy, and Betsy Gloria and Venessa have not seen each other since San Francisco
Janice attempting to put some life in the party. You should have seen all the tricks she performed, and that was before she brought out the handcuffs.
Gloria, Kathy, Susan, and Vanessa 2 new people that were just found from the DC area, Fran and Mike, with Betsy in the middle.
Saturday Night Live!!! As we prepare to leave for the Olive Restaurant.  Excellent food, although a little expensive, but only a block or so from the White House.
Mike, Gail, Janice, and Betsy Pat's and Lyn's back, Butch, Butch's friend Sue, and Lyn's friend Sue.
Another newly found, Stephanie (65), with her husband Bob, and Mike on the left. Mike, Gail, and Janice.
Pat, Butch, and Sue. Bob, Sue, and Lyn.  Lyn and Sue went to a couple of different schools together in the middle east.
What type of rumors could we start with Kathy and Mike??? Susan, Mike, Steph, and Bob.  You just know Bob is a great guy as he is into classic English vehicles.
Kathy, Pat, Benny, Butch, Sue, Sue, Betsy, and Gloria. Click on the White House to see other sites...

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