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DALLAS REUNION 2005 Ankara American High School Reunion Mug


   This reunion was different.  There were fewer "just found" folks, and the fellowship with old friends was beginning to fit like an old sweater.  It was good to see them again, but this time we could pick up where we left off from the last reunion, not from 40 or so years ago.  There were a lot of new faces with which to get aquatinted, but the real close friends were just that, and it made the weekend that much more relaxed. 

That is, until the plane lifted off the ground for home.  Then the stone hit the stomach, the emotion of sadness befalls all of us, tears well up from just knowing that you cannot walk down the hall and run into that person again like you did that morning. 

I must issue right here, a Special Thanks to Tim and Lyn and all the others that worked on behalf of this reunion to make it such a super time.  Without their tireless effort those emotions would not be. 

For those that missed it.   OH Well...  We hope to see all of you again on the beaches of the world.

Now, prepare to spend some time reminiscing about the fantastic weekend in Dallas.

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Thursday arrivals - Aug 11 Bartender BOB
Friday during the day - Aug 12 THE GIRLS
Friday Night Cocktails - Aug 12 THE CROWD
Operation Footlocker Operation Footlocker
Saturday "Journey Home" Day - Aug 13 THE MOVIE
Saturday Night Banquet - Aug 13 Saturday Night Feast
Saturday Night Entertainment - Aug 13

Turkish Delights

Saturday Night Relaxing - Aug 13 Saturday Unwinding
Sunday quiet time - Aug 14 Reflective Time
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