A visit with Dee and Iris
July 17, 2004

Larry and Dee have had a relationship that has spanned many decades.   During Larry's visit, I was fortunate enough to be invited down for a Saturday BBQ.  Paul was also visiting for the day, as he is still recuperating from an accident that he suffered while on the job.

These are a few photos of the memorable and most enjoyable day.

Sitting on the back porch, swapping lies, memories, drinks, and humor.
One would lie, and the other swear to it.

Just a happy as they were 40 years ago.

Just as full of themselves as they were 40 years ago.

The term Friends for Life never fit better than these.




Gloria and Iris enjoyed the day talking, walking, eating, and drinking.  An instant bond was formed between them

Dee being the master chef, and Larry cannot wait to get ahold of some of that...
"I'll bet I can get this to go to the top of the building."

"I bet you cain't."


What a GREAT DAY...