Turkish Flag, what we all have in common...

Marble Falls, Texas

Oct 14-18, 2004

Check out all the Log Cabins on Lake LBJ.


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All posed, nothing candid... Around The Cabins

The sites and sounds of a new and different location are always an adventure.  But seeing old friends is a joy.   Sharing the time, the laughs, and the conversation is what the Gatherings are all about.  And this time, like those past, there are always new people that makes the friendships continue to grow.

Here are a few pictures of this gathering.

Click to see a few of the places around Marble Falls. Around The Hill Country of Texas


We went thru Marble Falls, and over to Fredricksburg.  A few stopped at the LBJ Ranch, and some at the local private zoo.  A few were adverturous to go into the Caves.  But where ever we went there was friendship and laughter.

Enjoy the photos...