Turkish Flag
Corpus Christi
Mustang Island
Port Aransas,  TX

Beachgate Motel, Port Aransas, TX


Some things have changed since the last visit to the Beachgate.  The Turkish Flag has been replaced with a shower curtain depicting a scene from the Bates Motel.  The widow's walk on the roof was closed in dire need of repairs, and the weather turned from summer to winter overnight.  But was anyone complaining?   Not with this crowd.  This is as close as some of us get to having a family.   This was just a continuation of the gathering from Montana, which was a continuation of Oregon, and continuing  back to last year.  It is always a joy being with the family, where there is never a lack for friendship, laughter, and food.   And so, it all began again.  And may it never end.                click on picture to go there

Bates Motel at sunset

Around the Island

This time of year, it is more peaceful, no crowds, and pretty civilized (maybe it is just us mellowing).  Time to look at the clouds, the birds, and the ocean.  The only sad part was not being able to get photos of the dolphins swimming in the channel.

See some of the other sights around Port "A".

It really is the Bates, even with a sign

Around The Bates Motel

We talked, we laughed, we listened, and we enjoyed each others company and tales. We talked about 40 years ago in Ankara (for about 5 minutes), and we talked about selling houses, driving cars, grandkids, and life.  We shared our friendship. Here a few photos of us just sitting around sharing.  All that is missing is you.

So enjoy the pictures of joviality.

Fresh Shrimp

Around the Kitchen

Everyone pitched in and helped with this fantastic meal, but Gregor was the chef, and did such a fantastic job, we ate leftovers for more than one meal.  Hats off to the chef.


The running of the Bulls, Bennie, Betsy, Vicki, and Ray.

Around the Bull

As stated above, these gatherings are just a continuation of a previous one.  Well, something "macho" was mentioned about Running with the Bulls and our dear friend took it from there.  We all laughed so hard we cried. (I think some even had to change their Depends...).

Merri capturing the mood.
Around the WEEKEND
Photos by MERRI
These photos are from our very own Merri.  She did a very good job of capturing the mood of the weekend.  Thank you for letting me share them with everyone...