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Big Fork, Montana

May 1-5, 2003

Montana-Big Sky Country


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The barn, looking North The Barn

Gregor & Vicki took a 100 year old barn and converted it to a beautiful home.  And why not, with a view like this, and all that open space and fresh air, they were gracious enough to share it all with us.   And you will not find a better host than those two.

The birthday boy - looks like some candles are missing... The Hospitality Room

At every gathering there is always an open room.  This time was no exception, and lots of fun was had by all.   Mostly eating and conversing, and an occasional drink, and even a birthday party.   Here are a few photos of the tribe just hanging and enjoying each others company...

inside Glacier National Park Around Kalispell

There is a lot to see and do, and we attempted to do it while there.  Put 500+ miles on the auto if that is any indication.

From Glacier National Park to the little town of Somers, it was all enjoyable and breath taking.


this is what Vicki and Gregor look at when on the porch.  To the left is West, in the middle is North, and to the right is East.