The Montana Sky

The state really has a lot of beauty.  Most of these photo are taken from Glacier National Park.

I just could not stop looking at the Mountains and the Big Sky.  I really enjoyed the visit, and look forward to the time when we can return.   Hope you enjoy these. 

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Lake McDonald Lake McDonald

These 4 photos are taken from the same spot.  The 1st one above is looking down in the water showing how clear it is.  The next one pans back keeping the same larger rock in the photo, but most of the picture is reflection of the sky, with the shore line actually close to the top of the photo.  These two below are looking north and south on the lake at the same spot as those above.

Lake McDonald Lake McDonald

Mont-58.jpg (29679 bytes)

We kept looking up at these jagged peaks and the clouds would come and go making each moment a different photo op.  The weather was always changing.

After we left the park we stopped for a bite to eat and during that hour it rained, snowed, hailed, and when we left the sun was back out.  I had to scrape the ice off the car.

The air was crisp, in the 50's, and it was just enjoyable to smell the freshness.  Hell, being from California, it was just good not to see the air.   ha...

These 4 photos go together.  The upper left is the steam floating down to the south, while the one on the right it is going thru a small rapid.  The two below, the left is prior to the rapid looking up at the previous rapid, while the one on the right is looking downward at that rapid.

Then we ran out of road.  The Park road was only open for about 16 miles, because they had not completed removing all the snow.  They usually complete that annual task about June, but sometimes it is even July.  Anyway, there was a 1 mile nature walk that we hiked down and got these following 4 photos.

creek Linda and Gloria
waterfall Linda and Gloria
Dense forest

This doesn't look like much of a shot and it was my fault, as I let the camera do the thinking, instead of controlling it. 

Anyway, the forest was so dark, and there was just a small shaft of sunlight streaking thru, it was really pretty.  I took the photo, and the flash went off.  But, it was a good picture. 

We were really looking for bear and deer while in the park, and all we saw was a squirrel.

Dave, Linda, and Gloria Dave, Linda, and Gloria

Dave, Linda, and Gloria standing next to a stream.  When I took a candid shot you can see what was in the background.  We had the binoculars out looking in the forest for wildlife, but didn't find any until we got back to town.  ha...

Metal Eagle

This metal sculpture of the eagle was bigger than the truck in the background.  The logs are huge.   This is on the way into the Park

These photos are looking east and we are on the west side of the northern end of Flat Head Lake.  Gregor said this is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi.  The little town of Somers is here in front of us.  There used to be a logging mill there in the alcove (to the very left on the photo below), where they would take the logs and ship them to the southern end of the lake to the rail head.

Vicki and Gregor live between here and the mountains.

Flat Head Lake
The town of Somers on the hill under the water tower.