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Panama City Beach, Florida

suzi's memories


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The beach
The 'boys', Bruce, Rich, Greg, Wayne. Greg and Suzi.
Lyn looking lovely. Great photo of Bill.
Jerry, Mike, and Susan. Sure glad Susan is in photo to give it some redeaming value. Paul, Linda, and Janice.
Holly, Anita, Bob, and Linda. Gloria and Judy.
Rich and Judy. Susan and Jerry.
Suzi and Susan. Jerry, Bob, and Janice.
Paul, you should know not to come to the beach unprepared...
Linda helping Paul get undressed. More than a little red, down to the boxers...
Suzi, Rich, Judy, Bob, Carolyn, Greg, Linda, Bruce. Suzi in the pool.
Bruce, Linda, Judy, Mike, Gloria, Holly, and Judy.  Hats are only for those 14 and under. Bob, Kris, Janice, Paul, Dave and Linda.

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Thank you Suzi for sharing. 

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