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Panama City Beach, Florida

out at the suites


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Gloria and Lyn hanging over the balcony Anita, Linda, and Jim
Linda, Jim, and Anita Gloria and Judy
Judy watches as Linda counts the money, and Anita help Bruce with the accounting, as Jerry moves on past. Jim, Judy, Judy, Linda, and Bruce.
Linda, Gloria, Bob's wife, and Bob. Bob hiding Holly as he shakes hands with Sid, with Rich in the background.
Susan could not wait any longer for dinner. Linda and Kris.  She was so happy, she just got 'found'.
Rich and Jim Wayne, Carolyn, and Jim, listen as Lyn shows where she was cut.
Judy, Rich, and Jerry, with Suzi's back to the camara. Jerry, Susan, Butch's back, and Gloria.
Carolyn and Jim listening to Lyn. Bill, Wayne, and Bruce.
Janice says 'LETS PARTY!!!'. Carolyn and Jim.
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