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Panama City Beach, Florida

out at the night club

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Paul, Kris, Susan, Jerry, and Gloria At the Breakers, Dave, Linda, Janice, Bob, Suzi.
Butch and Suzi, Butch's lap was active that night. Bob and his wife, Dave and Linda.
Anita, Jim, Wayne, and Carolyn. Janice, Greg, and Suzi.  Suzi sure got around that night.
Susan, Jerry, and Gloria. Bill, Judy, Holly, Linda, and Bob.
Carolyn, Greg, and Lyn. Anita and Jim.
It's Show Time!!!   I mean it's BOB Show Time!!!
The MC says, 'It's my show.'  Bob says, 'My name is Bob.' Bob, Bob, BoBo, Bob...
Bob's new friend. after the BIG Kiss, Bob says, 'Oh NO, I'm Gay!!!'
Bob singing his favorite song to Carolyn, 'Bob, Bob, BoBo, Bob'. Bob on stage with one of the locals, no wait that's Janice.
Butch with a performer on his lap. Wonder what they were talking about? Butch says, 'Bob, this is what a REAL FEMALE is like!!!'
Linda dancing for the crowd. Now the crowd line dancing for the crowd, with Gloria, Bob, and Janice.
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