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Panama City Beach, Florida

out and about the area


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The Edgewater Resort out our suite window overlooking the resturaunt with the West Tower. Overlooking the pool area.

These next 4 pictures are of a little village west of Panama City called Sea Side.  It is a relatively new town featuring arts and craps with ticky-tacky art deco decor.  It is only about 8 square block, and they sure squeeze a lot of color in such a small space.

The church across the plaza.
Gloria sitting in front of an artist studio with metal flowers.
one of the narrow cobble stone streets. One of the houses.  Look at all the color on that from the door to the tower.
Storm clouds on the horizon. Mike getting his feet wet.

The area is a real growth area specializing in expensive homes, especially to the west of Panama City.  The best business to be in would be any of the construction trades.  It was quite impressive considering the only industry was tourists and retirees.

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