The Lodge and the Gang

The resort had cabins, inns, and houses.  I found this couple sitting on my porch one morning.  Thought they were mannequins, then realized they were Bob and Janice. 

Most of the happenings were at the house, but we had the entire lodge grounds to ourselves.

a quiet moment, before the 3 cloths changes

Having a great time enjoying each others company...

put cursor on picture

a couple of kids... Wait! That's Bob and Janice... The field where we played volleyball and football, with the swimming pool in the background, where we did our morning laps.
Linda, Paul, Mike, and Gail The gang getting ready to go to the Biltmore, and Bill with his UMBRELLA...
Betsy having breakfast, my mistake, a late night snack. Ray, Bob, and Gail looking at some of the pictures that Linda brought.
John and Bill Bill, Dana, and Paul
Judy, Mike, and Susan, Mike's wife. Mike, Bob, Lyn, and John
Linda, Lyn, Vicki, Dana, and Carolyn. (class of 64) Rick, Judy, and Mike.  I had the guy by his thumbs and was twisting them like this...
Bob, Carolyn, Gail, and Vicki.  Something was really funny...
2 pictures put together, Bruce, Judy, Betsy, Gloria, and Susan.