We Went to the Biltmore Estate

The Gang Visits the Biltmore Estate

I thought we had something big in California, the Hearst Castle.  But that is mostly Hollywood compared to this place. 

We went, we saw, we drank, we ate, and then...

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We saw the front We saw the Grounds

We saw the towers

We saw the stair case
We saw the reflecting pools We rested... Poor Carolyn with her battered knees, Judy, and Lyn

Bruce, Anita, Gail, and Steve resting.

Carolyn, Judy, Gloria, and Lyn
Bruce, Anita, Steve, Bob, Carolyn, Bill, Judy, and Lyn Lyn smelling, which is better than the other way around.

Gail and Judy taking a walk in the forest.

Linda and Anita

Gloria and Judy in the greenhouse in front of a red plant. Janice, Bob, Anita, Lyn, Gail, Judy, Mike, Steve, Bill, and Gloria.
A little drinking in the Wine tasting room. Paul, Bob, Gloria, Steve, Janice,and Carolyn. Some more drinkers, Bruce, Linda, and Anita
The End or more exactly The Ends...  Hey, can you prove we are not bowing to the place? And then we said Good-by